Saturday, February 20, 2016

Another full moon

It may not be actually full, yet, but it looks close. (A follow up: the full moon was still two days ahead).

I've written about lots of full moons over the years, and don't even want to attempt yet another photo, whether with my old big camera or my late-model iPhone.

The view this evening is of a moon rising above the ravine forest, with city lights twinkling below.

The new hotel on the other side of I-240, added to the Hotel Indigo's lights, plus something going on this evening at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center/Lenoir-Rhyne University building (so the parking lot lights are all on) - makes for a sparkling cityscape.

It will be a changing landscape in the future, I'm sure. 

We hope our ravine forest remains intact (there's a bit of watershed protection for the empheral stream at the base of the ravine), but certainly the farther viewscapes will develop into something else, as the highway plans solidify and make clear what the eventual traffic and noise patterns might be in the spaces that have been vacant (post urban-renewal many years ago). Various plans have been put forward, but none that succeeded. Duke Energy owns most of the land now, scooped up for a good price for a new downtown transmission site, widely opposed, and now presumably shelved.

In the meantime, the moon is beautiful.

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