Saturday, February 27, 2016

Kale, komatsuna, and cilantro

Hmm, the surface of my raised beds was frozen this morning, but by late afternoon, the air temperature was in the mid 50's, so I thought, what the heck? I sowed a couple of different kales (a red bor type from a local seed company and baby Tuscan from Renee's), red Komatsuna from Kitisawa, and cilantro, as well as three types of sugar snap peas, sugar daddy and super sugar from Renee's and a hybrid from Sygenta (a freebie from somewhere). There's more seeding to come, but I AM trying to be patient.

The outlook for the next couple of weeks is moderate, with low temps above freezing (aside from a low of 31 F one day next week) with moderate "seasonable" highs.

Woo-hoo, spring is definitely on the way.

Tomorrow, I'll round up some decent potting mix for my flats (the "organic potting mix" that I'd bought somewhere locally last fall, and tipped into the flats this morning was laughingly awful - full of twigs, etc. It was certainly organic, but potting mix, it wasn't!)


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