Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ready to plant

I'm waiting.  I'm trying to be patient. These mild February days are trying.

beds ready to plant.....
Surely spinach, sugar snap peas, kale, or lettuce seeds (my itching to garden voice says?)  Uh, global climate change is good for something, she whispers....

But.  Even in the Piedmont, peas sown before late February were problematic.  And of course in mild winter years, here in the mountains and in the Piedmont, lots of greens overwintered and would be flourishing now.

But.  Here was a post from a few years back:  wise, I thought, in retrospect.

This winter, as has happened in the last two before, there have been hard freezes that took out all of the greens, aside from leeks and garlic.  I have a nice rosemary plant which I think has survived so far (the last two winters sapped them, after decades of being OK).

I'm still ready to plant.  I've ordered some wire cloches that may serve as small protective coverings with some row cover or plastic, so we'll see.  I was eyeing some space next to the studio this morning as potential cold frame space.

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