Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bed shore up and digging

My lowest raised bed (below the house) has been collapsing a bit (on the lower side) for awhile.  But it gets plenty of morning sun, along with oblique afternoon sun, and now that I have woodchuck-protectant cloches,  I'm thinking I can grow some veggies (aside from garlic and leeks) down there again.  (Although Tim reported a new woodchuck burrow in the ravine.  Rats. Hmm.)

So I rebuilt the rock wall on the lower side (a LOT of work), so am ready to go.  I didn't take a new photo (I was pooped), so here's the view.

This image doesn't show how it was collapsing on the far side, but demonstrates how fertile it was last summer!  This was a tromboncino squash vine on steroids (AKA nitrogen).  It never produced any fruits, but its foliage was amazing....
I also refreshed and amended the beds on the side of the house (between the house and the apartment next door).   They're good as summer beds since they get full sun then;  they're no shows as winter growing areas as they're shaded by the house.

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