Visit a wildflower hotspot sometime soon!

My gardening companion and I are off to a conference focused on gardening with native plants this week (in Cullowhee, NC).  It's a great conference, and long-running (25+ years, I think).  It should be great.  I've been a number of times, but not as frequently as I would have liked.

Check out this recent article in the Wall Street Journal about Wildflower hotspots! 

Who knew that there were specific garden tours for wildflowers, but sign me up.

Here's the link to the story from Wildflower Ecology


  1. I've enjoyed my visits to 3 prairies in our area, one, at a park. I was late to the talk they were giving because of going to our 4 year old grandson's soccer game, where he laid down because he really didn't want to play. LOL Anyway, the woman there said that people with small yards shouldn't try to grow gray headed coneflowers. Oops! I have had two in the back yard a number of years, and last year planted 4 in the front yard. They are in full bloom, and I love them! I have tied them up at the bottom so they wouldn't flop as much. They probably are getting too much water, as we are watering for some newer plantings.

    I have pretty much gotten any native plant that is available for sun in our area. I am hoping to get some native larkspur seeds soon. I hope your tour was a good one.

  2. What a great tour that would be!! Will check it out for sure.


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