Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blogging with an iPad

No, I'm not on an iPad currently, but I'm interested in being able to travel with my iPad and camera on an upcoming trip, and doing an occasional blog post, without dragging along a laptop.

I hadn't realized that the Blogger interface wasn't really iPad-friendly until I tried it.  It's not. There wasn't a way to upload photos via the browser interface.  Hmm. What's the point of that?

That's where a second party app called Blogsy comes in.

They're a top rated app for most of the familiar blogging platforms, and it seems easy to use (at least after reading the How-to's).

With Blogsy, a Picasa Web Albums app (to upload photos that Blogsy will find), and the USB connector from the iPad Camera Connection kit, I'm there.  (Happily, the USB connector with the normal camera cable works with my sturdy (but old) Nikon D100, which uses Compact Flashcards, not SD cards). Hooray.

I did a couple of test runs that seemed successful. Woo-hoo!  If it continues to work, my laptop will stay at home, and I'll be traveling and doing garden posts on my iPad.

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