Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rampant squash

I've had such poor luck in recent seasons with squash (even the squash vine-borer resistant varieties like Tromboncino) -- uh, woodchucks love it -- that I overplanted this year in the mountains.

What was I thinking?

The vines are rambling everywhere, down the slope, up trellises, through tomatoes, etc.  Yikes!

Tromboncino squash rambling down the slope, along with Butternut and Delicata
Tatume on the right; Tromboncino on the left
But we've had some tasty squashes for a change -- Tatume, Tromboncino, young Butternut and Delicata, and a couple of Eight-Ball (Ronde de Nice) before the plants succumbed to borers.


  1. Lisa,

    We have a raging wild butternut going everywhere I know exactly what you mean. In a few days it'll be on the bee hives 30 foot away from the roots.

  2. I'm trying to "train" mine -- ha! They're going everywhere. And there's not really all that much room for them....

  3. Lisa, I always lose my squash to borers, but this year I planted icicle radishes with each squash vine and allowed them to flower. I read that the radishes helped repel the squash vine borers--and so far, it seems to work! I'm so thrilled! In fact, it worked so well that when we returned from two weeks of visiting family in Europe, the squash and cucumber vines had taken over the entire garden--it was a blanket of vines. Glad you enjoyed some delicious squash this summer!

  4. That is a great stand of squash!!! Sorry that the borers have created havoc with your vines.


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