Friday, July 20, 2012

Understanding plant communities & creating pocket meadows

The heading titles were my gardening companion's message and mine at the Cullowhee Native Plant Conference today.

It's been such fun to connect with avid native plant people of all persuasions (novice to expert!) over the last few days.

Learning is always good, at whatever point in the process of learning about native plants that we are:  as native plant enthusiasts, garden designers, nursery owners, and home gardeners.  There's a great mix of participants in the conference, representing all of these, and more.

I'm thinking again that I don't have a image to upload - but really, my end of the talk photo is what it's about -- what do you want to see out the door?

An endnote:  currently the pdf version of my presentation along with a species list is on the sidebar.


  1. Well phooey, I knew I needed sign up for the conference; I would have loved seeing you both again. Next year for sure. When I look out my door I see my Garden of Benign Neglect~a misnomer for sure; but a garden filled with native plants that bloom from winter on. gail

  2. Our "Garden of Benign Neglect" is our Piedmont garden, for sure! Neglect is evident everywhere. Uh, at least our mt. garden is looking better, although the squash plants are running wild. What could I have been thinking?

    Come visit anytime! We'd love to see you.

  3. Love the picture for the last slide. Going to click on your native species list.


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