Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heliopsis helianthoides

Hmm, this is a test post to see if traveling with an iPad, camera, iPad camera connector, Blogsy, and Picasa web albums might actually work. I don't know yet if my venerable Nikon D100 will work with the camera connector, nor is writing especially fluid on an iPad, but it certainly would be nice not to have to worry about having a laptop!


  1. Lisa, do you have the iPad card reader for your photos? It's fabulous--I got mine at the Mac store and used it to download my photos onto the iPad each day in Asheville. I also used it for downloading the 1270 photos (!) from our trip to Europe to free up card space while there. I invested in the wireless keyboard for the iPad--it's really slim and portable. I'm just not good at writing a full article on the iPad touchscreen, but the keyboard works really well.

  2. Hi, Julie-
    I'm hoping either the connector or the card reader will work! Glad to hear it worked so well for you. I haven't bought the kit yet, but was planning to check them out today. I also have a keyboard (which I normally use with my laptop) -- it may well be worth taking along, too. I've taken a laptop traveling in Britain and Italy (with a car), but it would be much nicer to just have the iPad.

    Once I figured out the Blogsy format, it worked fine on this post, connecting with Picasa.


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