Friday, January 27, 2012

Sugar snap peas and snow peas

Even though we're in the final days of January, spring is around the corner.  I'll be planting sugar snap and snow peas this weekend, hoping for a long cool spring, without too many damp (seed-rotting) days.  I'll plant more later, too, buffering the odds of germination, emergence, and growth.

My garden blogging friend Randy planted his peas last Thursday, following the thickly planted strategy recommended by his spouse Meg.  An excellent approach!

The most productive peas that I've ever seen (this were being commercially grown to be sure) were in the mountain highlands of Vietnam, in the area around Dalat.  

This is an amazingly productive temperate vegetable growing area, with high tunnels and covered areas growing LOTS of vegetables for Asian markets and beyond. This was a post I made about this time two years ago about planting cool-season vegetables.

Snow peas ready to harvest in Dalat, Vietnam (2010)

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