Sunday, January 22, 2012

Categories, labels, and indices

I've admired the nice category listings on other blogs. What a good thing to do, I thought.  Not all of my posts are profound, but some are worth reading again.  I enjoy doing that, and maybe others would, too, I'm thinking. Hmm. 

Investigating, I discovered that Google's labels (on their blogger platform) can serve as surrogate categories (that makes sense).  But then I realized that my labels (over years of blogging and a LOT of posts) created a list (triple-columned) totaling over 14 pages.  Hrrhmp. 

That means I need to go through all of those labels and consolidate them into reasonable categories and revise the post labels, before being able to put up an nicely organized category sidebar.  Yikes!

But maybe that won't be so hard. 

About half of my posts are about wildlife gardening and natural history observations, with the other half about growing vegetables, and all of them are about natural gardening.  (We just say no to pesticides in our gardens and inside the house, with a brief acceptance for glyphosate for controlling bermuda grass and poison ivy.)

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