Thursday, January 26, 2012

Backyard (garden) birds

Out in the Garden today with a group of volunteer education program guides, we heard some of our resident birds.  It wasn't the focus of our program, to be sure, as it was an orientation series, but I noticed the uptick in calls, with another mild winter day.

Our resident Northern Cardinals, Carolina Wrens, and Tufted Titmice were actively calling, along with a flock of (seasonal) Cedar Waxwings foraging for fruits. We're hearing woodpeckers and our resident red-shouldered hawks, too, calling as they're foraging or hunting.

I received an excellent link to a Bald Eagle webcam today at Norfolk Botanical Garden (courtesy of a botanical sign company).  Checking it out was amazing  --  I guess with bald eagles that they reuse and repair their nest year after year, so the web cam works, but totally cool.

Here's the link to the Eagle cam info page.  It takes awhile to load, after you click on the web cam link, but is well worth it!


  1. We loved our Eagle Nest Cam...the kids would check frequently when eggs were laid..waiting for hatching to occur.
    and... the Norfolk Botanical Garden is amazing.

  2. The Carolina Raptor Center just released a rehabilitated Bald Eagle into the Ann Springs Close Greenway here in Fort Mill just this past weekend. I hope he will settle in so that we can do the same.

    We really enjoyed watching eagles when we lived in Alaska, they are such beautiful birds.


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