Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simple season extension

Bamboo hoops supporting thin plastic sheeting haven't been exactly pretty, but they are effective.  We had a lovely dinner last night based on greens harvested from these hoops.
Tuscan kale and purple mustard under plastic cover
Tuscan kale and purple mustard
Probably they'd been fine without any cover, especially the Tuscan kale, but I'd transplanted them late from the cold frame flat.

And, I was worried about an errant woodchuck (maybe emerging on a warm day?) or one of the young deer coming in from the powerline corridor munching through these in a flash.  At least the plastic tucked around these plants kept the herbivores out!

Cold frame with leeks, lettuce, and greens (barricaded against squirrels, etc.)
My musing about woodchucks led me to a search that found this post, by naturalist Marcia Bonta, that related a finding that woodchucks don't actually hibernate in South Carolina, according to a researcher at Clemson University.  Hmm, that's where I work (and live nearby).  So I wasn't that far off in my (perhaps) concern. Yikes!

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