Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crocus and snowdrops

The early spring crocuses in the shady bed outside the breakfast room are flowering now, and I spotted a early snowdrop in front of the house today.  Spring is definitely early, and we had a lovely clear afternoon today that smelled of spring. 

crocuses from a previous year
I weeded some winter annuals out of the vegetable beds, and put some pre-sprouted spinach seeds in a flat, too.  I'm itching to sow cool-season greens, but I need to check soil temperatures before being too hasty.

My camera (an aging, but sturdy Nikon D100 with a nice lens) is languishing up in the mountains, so I don't have photos.  I guess I could use our very nice small Panasonic camera that my gardening companion favors for travel photos, but I'm not that familiar with it.  And I'd have to hunt around for the right download cord, etc. etc.


  1. Our snowdrops are flowering!!! For once we're ahead of you Lisa!! Rob

  2. They're definitely a sign of spring. Isn't it great to start having longer days and gardening ahead!


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