Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Signs of (garden) life

The garden (vegetable and flowers) is looking pretty dismal.  One of my perennial borders is a perfect 'before' picture for a garden renovation class, full of redbud seedlings, and totally unbalanced in terms of texture and proportions.  Not pleasing at all.

Weedy edges are everywhere, with Bermuda grass creeping in, reflecting the heat and drought of August.

But the coolness of the cold front that came through with Lee, combined with a somewhat recovered hand (post-trigger finger surgery) found me this evening (more or less) happily doing a bit of tidying and seed-sowing.  It's always good to be in the garden, whatever its state.

I sowed a couple of flats of mesclun and transplanted some kale and collards, enriched another bed with mushroom 'compost', and admired the sugar snap pea shoots which are looking good in a container planting (they'll need a LOT more support than this soon).

I've got peas planted both in the Piedmont and the mountains;  maybe it'll be a good fall for peas this year!  They're growing well, and are signs of life in the garden.

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