Saturday, September 24, 2011

More fall vegetables

front beds (late Sept. 2011)
I cleaned up the rambling tomato vines in the front beds this afternoon (harvesting lots of green tomatoes in the process). 

There won't be time before frost for tomatoes to ripen, and the temperatures are already dropping into the 50°s (F) at night.

mesclun and ruby chard
Siberian kale and leeks

I swapped them out for some collard, mustard, and broccoli transplants that I bought at the local hardware store (thinking guiltily, I could have grown these myself!)  However, what I've sown is doing nicely, from the Siberian kale to the mesclun mix, so I haven't done so bad for a part-time resident in this garden.


  1. Your raised beds are beautiful Lisa you and your companion gardener did a great job. gail

  2. You expect colder weather Lisa. We're experiencing record high temperatures for late September. It's so hot, its hard to work outside by midday! Rob


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