Sunday, September 18, 2011

Border renovation

Not a nice-looking view
I'm not a big fan of doing 'traditional' perennial borders.  Yes, I like to admire them, but no, I don't have the time nor interest to lift, deadhead, and divide (not to mention water) - which is what many borders require.

See what I mean! (click to get larger images)
My 'low-maintenance' border, however, was looking pretty darn shabby, after weeks and weeks of drought and heat, and a gardener's absence.  It was not a happy sight. The redbud seedlings had popped up everywhere; even drought-tolerant perennials looked stressed (or had given it up, as was the case of the Coreopsis verticillata).
Better, but still needs work
So a morning's work knocking back the woody saplings and removing dead stems, and editing the perennials that looked the worst made an immediate difference.

more editing and pulling the border forward is needed!
This bed is slated for a major renovation over the winter (expansion, soil amending, and replanting in front of the oakleaf hydrangeas, which have been champs).

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  1. It makes my zone envy flare when I hear about red buds seeding througout the garden.


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