Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meadow plantings

This is why I like to have meadows. 
afternoon light behind meadow
this is why meadows work
The light coming through illuminates the pocket meadow in front of our  mountain house.  The much larger meadow in front of the garage at home is equally magical in the afternoon light.

Whether it's grasses or goldenrod, their appearance backlit by the sun going down is always uplifting.

new meadow plantings in front
We added a number of additional plants this morning after a native plant sale at the Botanical Gardens of Asheville, some to the front meadow, but others to a 'damp' border below the house and along the ephemeral stream at the base of the ravine.

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  1. Isn't buying new plants exciting! We came home with a back seat full of them a couple of days ago. Rob


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