Monday, September 5, 2011

Rain needed

So far, it's been a no-show with the remnants of Lee.

We were hoping for a good soaking, 4-8 inches of rain the predictions forecast.

So far, it's been about an inch, both here in the Piedmont and in the UNCA site in Asheville.  Hrrmph. We need a LOT more. 

I'm hoping for something overnight and tomorrow, but it's quiet now. We'll see.

This was a record-breaking summer in terms of heat here in the Piedmont of SC (number of days above 90°F: it exceeded 85 days).

In my growing-up town of Austin, TX, they were above 100° F for a lot of days this summer -- exceeding the record--at the end of August it was 75 days above 100°F, geez, that's rough.

It's obvious that there's reason to think about global climate change and weather extremes (hello?). 

But we also have to think about how we want to garden and water and what to plant. I'm voting for vegetables (pampered denizens of the green world) and plants from dry places (native to here or not).


  1. It's a dilemma~As soon as I plant xeric we have a 5 inch rainfall! I think raised beds might be the answer for clay soil!

  2. Lisa,

    We missed the rains from Irene to our east and now missed Lee to our west. Sad isn't it everyone getting lots of rain and we barely get anything. The pond will be history in a matter of days.

  3. Hope that you see some rain soon from Lee. He visited us today and left 2 inches of rain...can't complain. Christine@inthegardenwith...

  4. Lisa, we didn't get much either. Rain gauge totals for the last two weeks.... less than an inch. My plants have really suffered.


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