A mushroom foray

One of our neighbors in the mountains is the president of the local mushroom club (which has upwards of a 150 members!) 

An offer to tag along this afternoon on a mushroom foray found LOTS of interesting mushrooms, some edible, some not tasty (but technically edible) and a few Amanitas (definitely not to be eaten).

We had a delightful time (our dogs whizzed around the woods, plopped themselves in the creek, and spent a lot of young dog energy).

Here's a sampling of what we found (that is, the mushroom expert, not me). But I was fascinated by the diversity of the mushrooms that we did discover.  I don't remember which were edible and which weren't (the scientific names that were provided weren't familiar to me!)  But they were all interesting and beautiful.

the final harvest

Woody cooling off in the stream
The woods in the Bent Creek Forest are relatively intact, so great for native plants as well as mushrooms!


  1. We have had some mushrooms coming up in the woodland gardens. Not sure of any of them....so I will just admire them from afar.


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