Early July views

Fortunately, it's been fairly wet so far this summer. 
raised beds with vegetables and sedum bed
Lots of afternoon thunderstorms mean rain soaking in, making the difference between the parched conditions of past summers and lush growth in early July.

It's still exceptionally warm, but that means tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are doing better than historically 'normal' here in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

At home in the Piedmont, the weeds have been abundant, requiring quick dashes down the Blue Ridge Escarpment to weed, harvest, and water a few remaining pots (planted to withstand whatever came, but...) So far, so good.

out the front door
edge of front flower bed with freshly painted trim on house
looking down from the deck
The flower bed in front of the house has done well, too, now in its second full season (this post was a reflection in mid-May of this year).

And we're delighted with how the new green trim complements the adobe color of the cedar shakes, and a toned down orange makes an excellent contrast.

One of the blessings of this house is the view into the forest, seen directly through the front door (look behind my gardening companion-aka Tim).

The forest view in back of the house is even more welcoming now, with the orange posts now green, and with a reconfigured railing.
forest view
It feels like being in a treehouse on the upper deck and surrounded by forest at the lower level.
lower vegetable bed


  1. What a clever idea to reconfigure the porch so you can sit and see the views! You two are having a lot of fun! gail


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