Amazing gardens in Seattle

At the Seattle Fling, a Garden Bloggers meetup, I've visited some spectacular gardens yesterday evening and all day today.

Photos, however, will need to wait until my camera cord arrives, hopefully tomorrow (left behind with my phone charger and camera battery charger, left behind in a last minute change of bags, consolidating into one).

But it's been an amazing visit so far.  Already too many gardens to describe, and we still have three more days (and I'll have three more days on my own afterwards, too, for gardens, urban gardens, etc.).

But something struck me this evening, thinking about how I was mistaken yesterday for another garden blogger from last year's meetup in Buffalo.

There's a bit of a phenotype for active (women) gardeners of Northern European heritage.

I resemble my friend Meg in Clemson (we're of similar size and shape)--we're both gardeners.

And I was totally flattered to be mistaken for my garden blogging friend (she's wonderfully stylish). We share the resemblance of size and shape, too. 

And we had a wonderful docent at the Dunn Garden this afternoon, who I was thinking, I'm going to look like her (clothes and all) in another decade.

This is a good thing.