Garden connections

My camera cord arrived yesterday, and I was overwhelmed with downloaded images (I'd somehow managed to take close to 400 photos over 3 days).  So sorting them out and making sense of what I saw will take some time.

But what I do feel strongly about (at the moment) is the power of garden connections.

We're all garden bloggers here at this meetup (basically an informal gathering, even if very organized).  We all embrace garden blogging as a vehicle of expression; some of us have lots of folks who comment, others not so many (I'm in that category).

In Lorene Edwards Folkner's garden
But I love posting reflections about what I've find interesting or rewarding (from my garden or the natural world) at the end of the day.  And it's magic, to be observant and grateful, for that.

In one of the gardens that we visited today, the personality of the garden was evident -- it was an enchanting garden one that exuded the personality of the gardener.

She's got an upcoming book from Timber Press about garden projects, which based on what I saw in her garden should be a wonderfully creative addition to our gardening bookshelves.

a clever basket hose reel