My gardening companion and I have been fortunate to have two gardens in the last couple of years, at least until we 'graduate' and consolidate back to one.  A different view of our back porch transformation had me feeling especially grateful for our blessings.

It created a sunroom as a studio space (for me) -- how nice is that, and it's still a space to be developed more.  I'm grateful.

 Puttering around replanting a couple of young Lithodora plants (tests from Bressingham) and filling up pots for sowing seeds of wildflowers that I'd like to have, I saw a view that I hadn't appreciated before.

back deck view
I had no idea that our neighbors in the apartment next door saw this view. 

I'm always hopeful that we're inspiring them (as younger folks) that it doesn't take much effort to create green space to delight, and a garden to come home to.

front door view
We're not religious, but gratitude is a grounding practice.  We have a lot to be grateful for.  Notice Woody hanging out below the deck.  Mocha did good.


  1. What wonderful views. We are grateful for our setting as well.
    Let me know about the success of the Lithodora....had no luck with it in Virginia.


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