Woodland paths

The path to our front door is finally taking on the feel of a woodland path, happily.  In the second year after planting, the Christmas ferns, bloodroot, wild gingers, crested iris, and other (tough) woodland wildflowers are looking good.

The rhododendrons are in flower now, so it feels a bit like being in the mountains.


  1. sounds wonderful.
    Happy Easter to you and your husband.

  2. Your woodland path looks great Lisa. I love the list of plants you have included - with the exception of rhododendrons! There are some beautiful ones but in our part of the world, too many have become aggressive colonisers of woodland.
    Hope yours are the benign kind!

  3. Your woodland garden is so peaceful and beautiful. I wish I had that much space. Have you thought of planting Bowman's Root? It's Latin name is either galenia or porteranthus. It's a gorgeous spring blooming wildflower that is native to the southeast. It's simple but very pretty. :o) Variegated diervilla sessifolia would also be wonderful. It's common name is Georgia honeysuckle bush.

  4. Janet, thanks for the Easter wishes!

    Our front entrance path is especially nice right now, Rob. And geez, I'm sorry to hear that our rhodos are romping in your woods (probably along with the Asian species, and their hybrids). Yikes. We have to coax them to grow here, even in their native habitat.

    and Casa Mariposa (love that name)--
    I've been wanting to plant some Bowman's root, too, either here in the Piedmont or up in the mountain. It is a lovely spring wildflower for us.



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