Getting out in nature

I've been having a blast in my CU Field Ornithology labs (it's great to not have the id quizzes count for a grade).  But it's also been great to go out in the Garden with Patrick McMillan, the new director at the South Carolina Botanical Garden.

It's so valuable to be able to focus on learning about birds (and listening to their songs and calls) with folks who can help you distinguish between the Chipping Sparrows, Pine Warblers, etc. that are tough to figure out, without practice.  I'm practicing!

We're picking up new migrants in the Garden everyday, as well as departing winter residents, singing their songs (ruby-crowned kinglets are a good example).

It's well worth taking advantage of birding excursions, botanical forays, or any other excuse to get out there to connect with nature.


  1. We are hearing the Whippoorwill almost every night here. Lots of activity through the woods, many I can't tell who they are they are flying so quickly. The other day there were four or five Flickers, a Redbellied, a Redheaded and another --maybe Ladderback?(he was too big to be a downy) woodpeckers at one time!

  2. Janet-
    How great to hear a whippoorwill! Lots of migrants are moving through, and apparently some of our winter residents are late to leave, so are singing their (breeding) songs here before departing.

    Maybe you had a Hairy Woodpecker? They're not common, apparently, but look like Downies but larger.

    Enjoy spring! So far it's been a good one here in the Carolinas...



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