Little Sweet Betsy (Trillium cuneatum)

Trillium cuneatum (Little Sweet Betsy) is a delightful spring ephemeral in rich eastern woodlands.  This photo (taken by my gardening companion) shows both the usual purple-flowered plants, along with a relatively-common yellow color morph. He describes this in his new blog Wildflower Ecology.

Trillium cuneatum
These are flowers normally enjoyed in 'gardens' in nature;  nursery-propagated plants are available, although pricey, as they take 5-6 yrs to become large enough to flower, when grown from seed.  If you see cheap (large) plants, they're likely to have been poached from the wild.


  1. Trilliums - ah, now you're talking about my wife's favourite!! I had never encountered their common name before. Rob

  2. Rob,
    Some of the other Trillium species have less appealing common name (Stinking Benjamin, etc.)

    But they're wonderful plants, and this is a great year for them (flowering-wise) in our spring woodlands.


  3. Loving your blog especially at the moment since we are 'between gardens'. Gardening vicariously through yours - and now Tims!


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