Connecting with nature

I don't always have as much of a chance to visit our wonderful natural areas in the Blue Ridge Escarpment and Western North Carolina as much as I'd like in spring.  It's a busy time for programs, classes, and school field trips.

But our botanical gardens, parks, and close-by 'semi-wild' places have a lot to offer, too.  There's usually a lot of nature in your neighborhood, if you look for it.

The Children and Nature Network (an offshoot of Richard Louv's Last Child in the Woods and just now featuring his recent book The Nature Principle) has been promoting activities for folks to get out there and be involved with nature.   There's a lot of good to be had in being outside and connecting with the natural world.

Let's get out there and play.


  1. Our semi-wild woods are next door...and I have had the best time discovering what is there. Connecting indeed!!

  2. Janet,
    It's great to get outdoors and explore, to be sure!


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