A fragrant climbing rose

Climbing roses in the Children's Garden, SCBG

I've been enjoying the climbing roses in the Ethnobotany Garden (part of the Children's Garden at the SC Botanical Garden).  

They're wonderfully fragrant, and trigger childhood memories of the Rose Garden in Berkeley, CA, when I was young, maybe seven (and was reminded of later, as a graduate student returning, serendipitously, perhaps, to where I was born.)

These roses are lovely, and largely disease-free -- they're not supposed to get black spot, but have a few minor signs, with our normally wet spring.

Such a great memory plant, associated with a long ago time.

(Hmm.  I'm stuck in blogspot issues with this post.  But enjoy the images, nonetheless).
a closer look in the Ethnobotany Garden


  1. You're right Lisa, plants do have a special power to trigger memories and emotions. Your piece took me back to a similar age, recalling mistle thrushes noisily feeding on the berries of a Rowan tree planted in my childhood garden. Rob


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