Ginkgo in fall

It's been a great fall color season, and the ginkgos are currently at their peak.

Ginkgos are ancient conifers with a delightful habit of turning butter yellow in fall, just before all the leaves (in clusters on short shoots) drop, practically in unison.

I remember a great photo/memory image from years ago of our dog romping with my gardening companion in the ginkgo leaves in front of our (first) house in Georgia.

Ginkgos at the South Carolina Botanical Garden
We've had ginkgos ever since.

These two are at the garden where I work.  Fabulous!


  1. Beautiful! Just wish the leaves held on longer. They drop so quickly after turning.

  2. Great photo. I'm thinking of trees that I can use in our new garden and will remember ginkgo.

  3. Is this the gingko biloba of medicinal fame? Next year perhaps you can harvest a few leaves for me before fall.

  4. Janet, I love ginkgos even if the leaves don't last long. They're always worth it.

    And Rob, just think about having planted a living fossil in your new garden.

    And, OK, CW, I'll send you some leaves next year when they're green. It's the same species!


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