Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Promethea moth

After a series of school programs this morning, we saw a wonderful Promethea moth on the ceiling of the porch of the Geology Museum (in the Garden where I work), with wings fully extended. The kids saw it, too. Way cool!

But I didn't have my camera, bah humbug, and didn't manage to get back until this evening.

The lights were on, so the moth (still there) had its wings closed, and I wondered about whether it was 'confused' about flying off, with the light and heat from the lamp.

This isn't a great photograph, but I was glad to see a Promethea moth, in any case.

It's an interesting moth, native to the Eastern US.


  1. I love prometheas and all the other species in its family (luna moths, etc.) I'm glad this one showed off for you. :)

  2. I remember seeing these in Otsego County NY. They're HUGE !

  3. That is a most interesting moth. I've only recently come to appreciate moths--perhaps butterflies are more glamorous?

  4. Happily, a butterfly gardening friend moved it away from the porch today (it had descended to the floor), so hopefully it's off tonight!

    These night moths are quite amazing, and not so commonly seen.

    I do think butterflies have a better reputation, not necessarily always justified...


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