Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Close to a full moon

The view up through the trees was stunning.

It's close to the full moon -- it'll be full tomorrow night, on May 27th. I follow the moon cycles because of full moon hikes; I didn't used to follow them, but it's fun to track the changes and notice what's happening.

My (very much younger) fellow gardeners at the Pearson Community Garden seem to adhere to the planting by the moon cycle; hmm, as someone who's been 'trained' as a scientist, I just nod politely, and keep weeding and mulching.

The Pearson Community Garden is a lovely spot, at the end of Pearson Rd., in the far reaches of Montford, and is land that has been owned by non-profits (most recently by Bountiful Cities Project) for awhile (apparently through a donation of land), although I'm not sure about the details.

I've had fun the last two Wednesdays (the community work days) digging and weeding. I enjoy the physical activity associated with vegetable gardening, and away from my main vegetable garden beds, it's satisfying to dig in!


  1. I watched the nearly full moon rise from my deck tonight and wondered how I could adequately capture it in a photo - I'm not skilled enough yet to try i!

  2. We went moon chasing tonight but it hid behind the clouds~We''ll try tomorrow, too! gail

  3. Hi Lisa -I have been watching the moon this week as well. Not sure why other than it is rising out the back door where it seems I have a revolving door for three dogs to go in and out and in and out.....

  4. I plant by the moon too. I use the Almanac's calender for Best Planting Days. My grandmother used to talk about this. Whether my success is based in reality or it just happens to work out, I can't say.


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