Sunday, May 2, 2010

Japanese persimmon in flower

Our Japanese persimmon, moved from our first house in Southeast Georgia, is in full flower today. There are LOTS of flowers open, but rainfall will determine how many of those flowers produce fruits (usually a good number are shed; fruits are 'expensive' to produce in terms of plant resources.)

This persimmon struggled in the first few years after being moved, gingerly extending shoots, then finally flowering.

It's produced nice crops of persimmons most years, in spite of being rather small and gangly. In Southeast Georgia, persimmons were handsome large shrubs. This one is reasonably attractive, with nice fall color, but it's hard to claim that its shape is particularly noteworthy.

The fruits are lined up here, along with homemade bread, from a post on Thanksgiving, 2008.

It's a trouble-free fruit tree for us, and well worth growing if you like persimmons!


  1. Lisa,

    Love persimmons! W#here are the flowers never seen fruiting persimmon flowers. Our native persimmons have hundreds of fruits starting right now.

  2. Randy,
    At least on Japanese persimmon, and I think for our native persimmon, the flowers are inconspicuous, pointed down, and below the leaves, with a slightly fleshy calyx.

    Great that you've got native persimmons developing!

  3. The little house we just bought has a Japanese persimmon. Before they put the house on the market, someone brutally hacked into this tree. We got a great crop, and are working with an Arborist to restore this tree to health. It's blooming, which is hopeful.


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