Saturday, May 8, 2010

Perennial plantings

The border next to the garden shed is especially fun this spring.

It looked great after initial planting, settled in, and has continued to be an interesting mix.

With abundant rain, Coreopsis 'Nana' has flourished after sulking for several years, and the Liatris, Phlox, and Agastache are coming along nicely. The ornamental Alliums are also looking good (also thanks to plenty of rain).


  1. I love it. Simple, yet classic. I tend to overdo it when I plant borders. I want every plant I see. I really like your use of groundcovers between the perennials. I'm guessing that keeps down a lot of the weeds.

  2. Tom,
    Thanks for the nice comments!

    The Veronica 'Georgia Blue' has been nice, in flower, and now -- it's not exactly a ground cover, but is spilling attractively over the edge of the stone wall. And the raised bed and rich soil means that's it's easy to weed out the extra plants elsewhere in the border!



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