Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm developing a fondness for simple-flowered irises.

I don't have any, but I've been admiring them. They're usually a clear blue to purple color, and seem to form robust clumps, flowering seemingly without fuss in spring.

That's my kind of perennial. 

They don't seem to fit my 'working for a living' screen for our garden, as they seem to be a horticultural selection of a native species from elsewhere in the world.  But, to be fair, our native irises aren't exactly a wildlife magnet, either.  Maybe that's their strategy!

This iris near the Geology Museum was photographed in dim light, so isn't as vibrantly colored as it actually is.


  1. I appreciate large clumps of Irises in the landscape. The foliage that is left does little for me.

  2. Hi Lisa, I planted I versicolor and hope it likes the garden~It's a native that might like your space. I haven't seen insects on I cristata...makes me wonder what liked to visit it? gail

  3. I do like Iris cristata, and maybe I need to add some Iris versicolor, too. But, I do need to investigate what actually visits their flowers!

    An old friend (and fellow graduate student) studied the pollination biology of Iris douglasiana in California years ago, but I don't remember what he found out.



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