Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter colors

The luminous tans, browns, and greens of winter are evident here. Our winters don't feature snow or ice (very often), but the colors of winter are what stand out.

Broomsedge is a beautiful tawny gold, the frost-bitten cool-season grasses are a dull green, and evergreens have a color spectrum of their own.

The drips and drabs of dead foliage await cleanup or decay, but remind me that the renewal of spring growth is only a couple of months away.

Gardening seasons help ground me to the cycle of natural rhythms, and even sowing warm-season vegetable seeds in flats on a heating mat (on the schedule not too far off), in a couple of month's advance of the last 'average' frosts remind me that the growing season is coming.

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  1. Tis' the season for me to the slightly warmer weather, but the rain made it a little soupy. Maybe next week.


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