Sunday, January 24, 2010

Recharging aquifers

It's been raining all weekend -- lots.

This is a good thing, since even though our reservoirs (for drinking water and power generation) have been full since early last fall, recharging aquifers takes a lot more moisture, especially following the profound drought of the last decade (more or less). Hopefully, these winter rains will fully recharge groundwater supplies.

My gardening companion conveyed a colleague's report from winter break of low aquifers in Florida, depleted of much groundwater to attempt to save citrus crops from freezing (by applying a coat of protective ice). Concerns about sinkholes rerouted traffic, and folks who had dry wells were compensated.

The abundant rain this winter is good for native landscapes as well as our gardens.

But, it was a good weekend to stay inside.


  1. I know. I know. But can't we have just a tiny break while the weather is warm? It's still 63 outside right now. It feels like summer with the humidity we're having today.

    I'm so ready for spring. February is going to be brutal.

  2. Oh, dear, I know exactly what you mean. Today was cool here, but I'm anxious to get out in the garden, too.

  3. I would like going back to 'normal' weather. Moderate rains at reasonable intervals. To whom do I address this issue?
    I am just a little weary of muddy dogs.


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