Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting for snow

In spite of my optimistic thoughts about planting peas in a couple of weeks, we're expecting snow and sleet overnight - a prospect that brings many folks rushing around getting supplies. I don't normally worry about it too much (we always have lots of provisions in the fridge and pantry), although maybe I need to have more water, batteries and candles.

But I am inspired to think about being on Phu Quoc Island at winter break, in the far southern tip of Vietnam, which, for now, is a wonderful place to hang out on the beach, developed just enough to be idyllic.

This is the beach in front of Mai House, an excellent place on Long Beach.

We spent several relaxing days here.


  1. Lovely place to spend some time....would trade it for what we are about to get!
    Just drove home (to VA) from SC today rather than tomorrow because of the storm. Looks like a doozy!

  2. Looking out a gray sky full of icy drops, it IS nice to think about tropical warmth. The storm here so far isn't too bad, but up in Western North Carolina, it's sounding like a tough storm. It wasn't a good weekend to be in the mountains.

  3. Oh my- how idyllic. You actually came back?


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