Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Signs of spring (to come)

Even though winter is still firmly here, the signs of spring are evident in swelling flower buds (blueberries, quince, etc), extended shoots (coral honeysuckle and Carolina jessamine), and the reliably open flowers of mid-winter in our part of the world: Lonicera fragrantissima (Winter honeysuckle) and Prunus mume (Japanese apricot). There are actually some open flowers of Carolina jessamine (a native species) on the front porch!

The usually stalwart camellias are slowly showing expanding buds and open flowers, but probably many experienced damage from the exceptional cold of a few weeks back. The red-flowered Professor Sargent in front of the house is just beginning to show some color.

A cold winter and clear winter air reminds me that winter is still here, but the bright light of mid-day and signs of spring to come from flora and fauna are encouraging.


  1. I am hoping that I can have a Camellia or two in our new garden....not sure of the sun and shade in our yard. Then there are the deer.

  2. The days are getting longer! But with another wintry arctic blast heading our way...I fear the camellias will be brown balls again! gail

  3. I moved some flowering quince two winters ago to a spot near the house. I wanted to create a weeping hedge at the top of a retaining wall. I noticed the buds swelling today. They haven't bloomed since I moved them. I keep cutting them back too early. This year, I'll cut them back after they bloom. I want them to sucker all they can.

    Winter is still here. Sat/Sun, we've got lows in the teens again.


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