Friday, January 8, 2010

Squash from the garden (uh, from the freezer)

I fished out a bag of frozen tromboncino squash from the chest freezer in the basement to cook as the vegetable for dinner tonight. It was quite nice. But, I really needed a flashlight to get into the freezer, as the bare bulb light down there doesn't seem to be working.

The basement (walk-in, and large, but unfinished) is not my favorite place, and quite dark, so I took the opportunity to transfer some frozen blueberries and blackberries, roasted tomatoes, and hot peppers to the 'upstairs' freezer, too. Hmm, I'd rather not have to go down there again soon...

I'm always humbled to be thinking about trying to grow more of what we eat! But, perhaps a useful step would be to make the basement a bit brighter and more welcoming -- there's an electrical connection down there, so lights are certainly possible...


  1. We have our freezer in the garage and the new lightbulbs are the compact fluorescent bulbs that take a long time to come on when it is cold...........and boy is it cold!

  2. I have basement envy...Do light yours up and have some fun~ gail

  3. All that frozen food from your garden sounds fabulous. I still have some winter squash holding on ... in cold storage and frozen blueberries. Tomorrow we have a local farmers fair ... an indoor event and I am so excited about maybe getting some fresh greens! Just found your blog here at blotanical! ;)carol

  4. I think I spend more time in my basement than I do upstairs. It's a walkout too, with lots of 4' shop lights attached to the floor joists above. I had to run a few extension cords, but I put them all on one switched outlet. With the flick of a switch, the basement is brightly lighted by those 4 fixtures, one in each quadrant. The light chases the ghosts away.

    I wish I had summer veggies in the freezer. Hopefully I can grow enough this year to make that a reality. I ate all my tomatoes as they were harvested. I could barely hold back 1 of each to collect seeds from.

  5. Definitely new basement lights are in order! Thanks for the encouragement...


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