Morning light

Early in the morning, as the sun moves higher, it illuminates a small area near the seasonal creek in the woods behind our small house in the mountains.

The golden light was striking this morning.

Of course, the camera doesn't see it quite the way I did.

But the morning light is one of the things I enjoy here, looking out into the forest.


  1. what a beautiful and peaceful image! i love the way the sun plays with the trees of a forest. what a beautiful life you have!

  2. This is such a wonderful view in the morning-- we're quite blessed to have it.

    And cat, thanks for your comment -- we're thankful for many things in our life, but I wish it were always beautiful. What a nice thought.


  3. I hear the birds, I hear the dew dripping off the leaves and can feel the humidity, I think I will stay inside... - Dave


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