Friday, August 14, 2009

Mid-August vegetable gardens

In warm climates, at least, our mid-to-late summer vegetable gardens look stressed and tired (if they haven't totally pooped out). This year, I can add our perennial gardens, shrub borders, and small trees, too. The old dogwoods are looking quite puny.

Not for us are the vibrant bounty of cooler summer places. But we've usually had a good run through spring and early summer, and we can look forward to fall greens.

And (for me) being out-of-pocket (at least as far as the garden has been concerned) hasn't helped either. Not bending over for several weeks (as a minor surgery recovery mandate) is NOT a good thing.

Thankfully, I have some midsummer tomatoes and late squash sowings that are still productive. And it's easy to harvest them with a quick bend of the knees!

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