Bird feeders

I arrived in the mountains this afternoon on a quick overnight trip, to find goldfinches inhaling seeds from the thistle feeders. They had been absent last weekend (we'd brought the feeders in after our last visit). But they were avidly consuming seeds today.

The sunflower feeder was horizontal, presumably knocked over by a racoon or an opposum or wind (I don't think the young bear has made a reappearance).

I filled it up (at least temporarily) and the cardinals made a rapid reappearance.


  1. Since I cleaned up some of the spent seed-heads from the Rudbeckia and Echinacea I suppose I should put out some seed now....

  2. I love goldfinches. It is a rare treat to see them here.

  3. I just replaced my thistle feeder (the other lasted probably about 15 years). This one probably won't last two years.

  4. Wait did I miss the post with the bear? Do you have a lot of issues with them going after your wild bird feeders?

  5. I don't think any 'normal' bird feeders would have withstood the young male bear!



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