Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Barred Owls

Barred owls were calling in the neighborhood forest early this morning. They were a bit raucous, almost like a couple of juveniles fussing at each other, as their calls were truncated, and not the usual 'who-cooks-for-you' call at all.

I just heard them briefly, after my gardening companion, coming in after throwing a ball for our gardening assistant (aka 'the bear dog') said, 'quick, come hear the owls.'

A gift, and it reminded me of seeing a young barred owl in a nearby tree several years ago, practically outside my study window.


  1. Love the calls of the barred owl. We had a baby in a tree here 6-7 years ago. The tree is still there but no owls.

  2. What fun. I love hearing the owls. We have a screech owl pretty regularly but we do have a Barred Owl as we had a baby fall in the creek last March. (Happy ending..he was fished out and returned to the nest)

  3. For a couple of years, we had fledglings regularly coming into the backyard to forage. They liked to perch on a dead branch in a large pine tree right next to the forest behind.

    But I think the parents have moved their nest now, and they're not so close, alas.

    But owls are quite delightful.


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