End of August

August was an unusual month in the garden this year. The main gardener (me) was indisposed, the vegetables were sulking (or being eaten by woodchucks), the flower borders look nice enough, until you look closely and realize that crabgrass has invaded the edges and editing is highly necessary.

My gardening companion, totally focused on finishing a book project, has been rather desultory in his mowing of our remaining lawn, encouraged by periodic rains (uh, I don't know how to run the riding lawn mower, thankfully). But he has 'edited' the front meadow, cleaned up a lot of fallen branches, and probably done a lot more that I know.

But our garden definitely shows the absence of our attention.

I remembered recently that I had added a visit to our garden (aka 'home landscape') at the end of a natural gardening program in mid-October for our (Clemson University) Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program.

This was late spring madness, to be sure. I know the garden was lovely then, but what was I thinking!

Thank goodness for gardeners, there's always the next season.


  1. I am sure your garden will be lovely for the LLL tour. We are our own worst critics.

  2. I enjoy visiting your blog. My gardening use organic fertilizer and we have varieties of plants: fruits, herbs, flowers in our house yard, untidy, successful and fail.Anyway plants make me happy.



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