Weeding overgrown beds

It's a bit of a treasure hunt, as well as a satisfying enterprise, to free planted garden beds of unneeded grasses and dandelions.

I'm not sure I'll keep all that had been planted there - daylilies and hydrangeas aren't my favorite plants.  The climbing roses, maybe.

All are survivors of these harsh Zone 4 winters, so I'll let them do their thing before deciding.  There are other plants in the beds, too -- Aquilegia, what looks like a rose campion, some Spireas (I think), etc.

The variegated Vinca --- well, I yanked that out, even though it currently had pretty blue flowers.

Here's the garden shed bed before weeding.

Garden shed bed before
And after.  I cut out the dead honeysuckle vines after I took this photo, and will be removing the sugar maple saplings tomorrow!

Garden shed bed partially weeded

Encouraged, I moved along the bed next to the antique shed, where the previous owner had his shop.  No before photo here, aside from previous ones.  

Here's a general view of the area in  a "newly-tidied," but not finished mode.

Antique shed and garden shed (somewhat tidied)

Dandelions are welcome in the small lawn, at the moment -- it's a freedom lawn!  We'll have to mow it periodically, but it's nice now.


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