Traveling and settling in

A friend asked me via email today whether the HomeExchange swaps and the traveling we’ve had over the last year and half had encouraged us to buy this wonderful place in Quebec.

I’ve had that thought, too; summer here is magical and it is definitely a special place, now where we have a wonderful house and garden.  

I’m quite certain our frenetic traveling  (encouraged by Home Exchange) over the last 18 months will not be repeated, but we’ve been traveling for many years, so I think we’ll still be going to different places — but just not as many during a single year!

Interestingly, an online Home Exchange friend, who lives in Montreal, and was in New Zealand at the same time we were, dropped by yesterday unexpectedly.  He’s up on an island somewhere in the St. Lawrence fishing for a month, and recognized the house (he knew the location) that we’d told him we thought we would buy.  Our connection was mutual HomeExchange folks in Ecuador, who’d stayed with us last spring on a hospitality visit overnight.

What fun is that?  He said his house in Montreal is open anytime.  Nice.


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