The gift of friendly neighbors

We had our neighbors over for dinner last night. They're a lovely couple who have lived in their mid-19th century house for 25 years and who speak quite good English.

She's a social psychologist who taught at the local university and he's an agricultural economist who worked with farm cooperatives throughout the region.  One of their sons is a professor at Mississippi State University (specializing in 14th century landscape use in the Middle East) and the other is an international non-profit consultant.

Daniel (the previous owner of our house in Quebec) had told us about the farm family on the road -- they're all friendly and nice, too, but it was a gift to have English-speaking neighbors that we didn't really know about (as Daniel was just acquainted with them, and had mentioned they spoke a bit of English...)

They've already helped us sort out an unexpected car repair and an expected water heater/pipe replacement.  Google Translate is great for email, but when the phone is involved -- a bit more challenging!

More gardening today -- a car repair day and a rainy day brought a bit of recovery, but then pulling weeds followed by a first bike ride in the Parc National du Bic has me reminded of underused shoulder and arm muscles.

A great first bike rid in the park