After gardening, sunset views

Another day spent gardening had us both tired, in a good way.  My gardening companion is tapping off as I write this. I weeded more beds and he planted a bit of screen below the house (Thuja cultivars - 6 more of them) to buffer the view of the highway (and absorb a bit of the noise)....

The noise isn't really that bad -- we're city dwellers in Asheville, near the 240 loop, so it's not phasing us, but an extra bit of vegetative buffer will be good.

Our landscape from the upstairs bedroom window was magical this afternoon.

Bedroom window view
Our after-dinner walk brought us back to the park in the nearby village of Le Bic.  The sunset views were amazing. Coming back down the hill, we stopped at the small overlook.  The colors had deepened by then.

View from the Le Bic view point


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