Sunday, May 27, 2018

The gardeners contemplate a new garden

Daniel, the current owner of our "new" house, gathered up his personal collectibles today and most of what was in his antique shed/shop and headed to Quebec City.  He'll be back tomorrow late, with closing scheduled for Wednesday morning.

So, we thought we could go over this evening and walk around the garden and contemplate what we can do.  Magical.

We've been making lists of native plants to add for months now.

And I've been thinking about a fast-growing veggie garden (and have brought seeds) for a short season crop of salad and stir-fry greens, plus radishes, etc.  And I'll be looking for veggie transplants, too, at the first local farmer's market on June 2.

I'll just have to round up some containers or decide what sunny space to allocate to veggies and dig it up.  Containers will be best, I think!

The garden shed is full of helpful tools and other things.

Garden shed with small animal shed (for chickens) beyond

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